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Net Diatom LP became an ICANN-accredited registrar affiliate domain broker for web domains in late 2018. The registrar will check if the domain name is available and create a WHOIS record with the domain name registrant's information. One of the most popular registrant’s is GoDaddy.

The Net Diatom Central Server was founded in the start on 2019 and was built using L.A.M.P. A LAMP Stack is a set of open-source software that can be used to create websites and web applications.

LAMP is an acronym, and these stacks typically consist of the Linux operating system, the Apache HTTP Server, the MySQL relational database management system, and the PHP programming language. Net Diatom introduced the L1A2 secondary server in the fall of 2019 to keep up with the demand for additional client server space.

Net Diatom relocated in November of 2019 from Chicago to the new corporate location at 123 S 6th st. Marshall, IL 62441.
Net Diatom? Net Diatom derives it's name from Diatoms. Diatoms are an enigma. Scientifically they are a mix of plant and animal, they share biochemical features of both making them the most interesting thing on our Earth.

In August 13th 2020 Net Diatom help the grand opening of the Net Diatom corporate office center. Later that same year Net Diatom released the online web builder platform "Architect".

Net Diatom released VideoStream a tv and movie streaming service in Oct 2020 along with the online logo maker

What we do; Specializing in Full Stack web interface programming & mobile application development, Net Diatom also works in video production, publishing, multimedia, logos, print material, advertising and seo. We also have our own internet service that works wirelessly from peer to peer

Customizing solutions including practical health technology concepts, advanced eCommerce billing integration API, advanced artificial intelligence, and excessive online security solutions.

Proficient and skilled wordpress, html5, php scripting, mariadb, mysql, css, javascript, node.js, & more.


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