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The Adam & Andrew Bays Award: Policy 9.9

The Adam & Andrew Bays Award Policy 9.9

The Adam & Andrew Bays award is a recognition of top performance or most improved employee or contractor among the Net Diatom team, it is awarded every quarter or every three months to an employee who shows the best performance and conduct and positive motivation in job performance and who follows the Net Diatom policies and procedures to the best of their ability.



The recipient will receive a bonus of $25 ( a picture of them on social media) and an additional $1 per shift health and wellness stipend (if funding is available as determined by management) as well as have their certificate of recognition hung in the front office at Net Diatom headquarters for the life of the company. In addition to being added to the wall members will have their name included on in a designated section.




Adam and Andrew Bays are titled in this award to honor their memory and aid in their legacy. The recipient of this award will share similar values and carry on the spirit of those we lost.



Those who receive this award have good attendance

Are helpful in completing the projects at hand

Are motivated and take Net Diatom seriously 

Follow policies and procedures as much as possible 

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