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Welcome to NDU!

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Hello! 😄

Welcome to Net Diatom University Online (NDU) 🏛️ 🏚️

We are excited to be adding new courses periodically to support our company goals! This educational platform will aid in assisting our staff understand information in a uniform fashion to establish a foundation for all team members across the board. NDU will grow in the future into a community education course platform as a resource for the community. 🔅

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Available courses

Create an account by going to and scrolling down to "ARCHITECT WEB BUILDER"

this course will teach you how to get familiar with Net Diatom's own Architect web builder software. Available to the public, you can start building for free

Explore the need and tasks of the Net Diatom Support Team- The Net Diatom Support Team assists customers of all kinds with tasks and projects. The support team works alongside the operations team and the programming team to provide customer services and assistance to these other departments and is vital in day to day operations. 

Net Diatom team discussion. Best Business Practices, ideas for changes, social discussion, and more. You must participate!

The Net Diatom ticket system is an integral operations tool for our team. The ticket system helps us schedule appointments,  home visits, tasks, and manage websites. Our clients use the ticket system to track projects and stay informed on programming project progress

This course is an intro into Intellectual Property at Net Diatom starting with the Logo Maker software

A course designed for team leaders or prospective team leaders amongst the Net Diatom team member pool. Required course for team leaders and prospective team leaders